Experts in Consultancy, Design and management of home technology systems installation
and aftercare

Welcome to Infracore Home Technology Consultancy. Our areas of expertise are in Consultancy, Design and Management of Home technology Systems installation and aftercare. We cover a number of technology disciplines which include; Audio Visual & Controls, Home Comforts & Essentials and Security.

We have no commercial ties or affiliations with any other industry supplier or manufacturer. This affords us unbiased access to the best of everything the industry has to offer. We are the only completely independent Residential Tech Consultancy in the UK that specialises solely in high end private residential, multi-dwelling units and multi-dwelling estates for both refurbishment and new build.

Our Consultancy, Design and Management offering falls into three Project phases; Pre-Contract, Live-Contract and Post Contract Completion. Inside each phase we can provide a number of different services from Concept Design to Project Management to Aftercare and everything in between.

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  • It’s got to be design and process led. If this first bit is wrong then 100% of the time the job will fall short on expectation, go way over budget or just fail (in some cases all of the above). We know this because we’ve seen this. We’ve done this. Before we came together as a consultancy we were all integrators, go way over budget or just fail, go way over budget or just fail.

  • Our sole goal is an end product that is beyond reproach. It can be a difficult beast. 99 times out of 100, where you start is not where you end. We're always the last in. Crammed into the bottle neck. This will never change. Although we have solutions to get around this. It's not difficult (if the pre-contract bit is right) but it is intricate. And it can be time consuming. Although it will add some real value. Things are going to go wrong along the way. They always do. Ultimately everyone wants to deliver what was agreed on budget and on time. This is absolutely our only driver and agenda.

  • We should highlight that we're in for the long game. The pre and live contract phases (if approached and managed correctly) can be relatively straight forward. Although the post contract phase can be the opposite and aftercare is rarely considered at the beginning. One phase is as important as the next. The aftercare phase is every bit as important as the design phase. There's not enough emphasis on this in the industry. It's of fundamental importance. Because we understand this we operate as much in one area as the other. The whole thing won't work unless you consider the collective. If you're only looking at design and price then eventually you're going to be left holding the baby. That's going to cost you time, money and stress.